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Therapeutic Groups

Learn with Peers in a Fun, Positive Way


                    Therapeutic Group Learning

Children and youth benefit from watching and learning from others.

We offer the following Therapeutic Groups:

  • Social Skills for Elementary School-Aged Children

  • Teen Connections 

  • Handwriting and Motor Machines

  • Super Eaters and Budding Chefs

Scroll through to find out more about each group.

Groups will be organized by age and interest.

Please tell our office manager, your therapist or educator if you are interested in a group. 

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Social Skills Groups & Teen Connections

Fun and Interactive Group Learning-Topics Include:

-Making and Keeping Friends

-Making Conversation

-Understanding the Size of the Problem

-Handling Disappointments

-Strategies for Self-Regulation

-Flexible Thinking

-How to Make and Take Compliments

-How to Handle Constructive Suggestions

-How to Manage Challenging Peers

-How to Express a Disagreement

-Managing Stress and Anxiety

-Why Personal Hygiene and Appearance Can be Important

-Hanging out with others your age if a fun, supportive setting

-Other topics that become important!

Learn to Read

Handwriting and Motor Machines

Topics Include: 

-Handwriting Legibility

-Consistent and Effective Handwriting Lessons

-Tricks for Letter and Number Formation

-Visual Motor and Visual Perceptual Skill Training

-Near and Far Point Copying

-Motor Skills to Support Handwriting

-Fun and Confidence Boosting Activities

-Technology Strategies and Writing Alternatives

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Super Eaters and Budding Chefs

Calling all Picky Eaters! This group is for you. 

Using principles from the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding and the Get Permission Approach, kids will learn the joy of eating and preparing food in a fun, play-based environment.

Kids will explore textures, smells and tastes, while benefiting from the social part of eating.  Kids will see and experience that eating can be fun and yummy, while therapists are respectful that sometimes eating can feel scary or even gross.    

A variety of tastes and textures will be explored through nutritional foods.

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