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Our Story

Roots Therapy Center-PC was started by owner, Robyn Thompson, PhD, OTR/L. 

Robyn has a solid background in occupational therapy and education, and has a strong passion for working with children and their families, recognizing strengths and potential in every child.

While working in various settings, Robyn identified the need for a practice that provides holistic services for families, in a "one-stop-shop" kind of way.  A place where kids achieve therapy goals in fun, effective ways, and parents' time and energy is maximized.

As a resident of Park City, Utah, Robyn also recognized that these services are greatly needed in smaller, rural communities. 

Thus, Roots Pediatric Therapy was born and we could not be more excited!

Roots Pediatric Therapy is a team of therapists and educators who have collectively shared their ideas, experience and expertise to make this clinic happen.  Many of the therapists and educators have know each other professionally, for years, while others are newer to the team and are ready to share their expertise.  

By combining the best of an experienced staff, Roots strives to utilize the power of collaboration between therapists, educators and caregivers, in order to provide children with the best opportunities for success and achievement.  

When provided with evidence-based interventions, positive environments, and supportive and play-based opportunities to apply learning, therapeutic outcomes are powerful. 

Why Choose Roots?

  • Expert Therapists and Educators

  • Evidence-based and Effective Services

  • Collaborative Providers

  • We accept most major insurances, HSA and have private pay options.

  • Family Centered Scheduling:

    • We will work to provide consistent scheduled appointments, including regular days and times. 

    • No need to spend time calling each week to schedule new appointments.

    • For families that need multiple services, we will work to schedule and bundle your appointments to make them convenient for you. 

  • Teamwork and Communication:

    • We view and treat parents and caregivers as key players in their child's success​. 

    • We are happy to collaborate with pediatricians, psychologists, ABA programs, nutritionists, and school-based teams.

  • Convenient location:

    • Just off Highway 40, east of the Park City Hospital

  • New, well-designed and supportive therapy spaces. 

  • Supportive, fun, professional, and play-based setting.​