Hybrid Therapy

Serving you in Your Home and Community

Father and daughter at computer

Meeting Your Therapy Needs from a Distance

  • There can be many reasons why it may not be easy or feasible for you and your child to come to a therapy clinic. 

  • Distance, COVID-19, other children at home, transportation challenges, or health limitations may make it difficult or impossible to come to a clinic for therapies.  

  • At Roots, we are experienced in providing high quality and effective teletherapy sessions.  These sessions are a lot like a home rehab visit, but provided virtually.  We use a coaching model, and help you become the therapy expert for your child. 

  • Families may also choose to use a hybrid model for therapies. For example, a family may choose to come to the clinic one time per month, and then use teletherapy on a weekly basis. 

  • There is now some good research to support the effectiveness of teletherapies, and many insurances are now paying for this service.

Contact  us for more information on these services.