Swim Lessons 

Adaptive and Beginning Swim Instruction

 Infant, Toddler & Parent Instruction

Get your child moving and learning to swim a safe and effective way. 

Learn to swim in a 1:1 or small group setting in our warm, indoor above-ground swim pool. 

  • Swim lessons are taught in our therapy pool area, where kids get individualized attention in a distraction free and clean environment. 

Our Swim Instructors are experienced and specialize in teaching children of all abilities.  They are certified by Swim Angelfish- global leaders in adaptive swim!  They also have advanced OSA training in infant, toddler & parent swim instruction. 

This includes:

  • Typically Developing Children

  • Children with Special Needs

  • Children Fearful of Water

  • Infants, Toddlers & Parents

Swimming Lesson Rates:

  • Private Lesson: $30.00/30 minutes

  • Semi-Private Lesson: $25.00/30 minutes

Adaptive & Beginner Swim Lesson Progression:

  • Our swim instructors lead students through a progression of up to 7 levels, following Swim Angelfish curriculum

  • When students are proficient at all 7 levels, parents can schedule with our instructors to continue lessons at a community, neighborhood or home pool

  • Click Here to Review Swim Level Progressions

Infant, Toddler & Parent Instruction

Infant Swim-

  • Infants come into the world with no real awareness or fear of its dangers- for this reason, exposure to water is advisable and effective. 

  • Swimming with infants helps create a bond and trust between child and parent.

Toddler Swim-

  • Toddler's experience a little more fear and anxiety toward new situations and people- including experiences in water.  

  • As long as you proceed with swimming at your child's pace, and provide lots of positive practice, your child can learn and participate in water play and safety. 

Instruction includes:

-How to hold your baby or toddler in the swimming pool

-Teaching baby or toddler to kick in the water 

-Conditioning and submerging

-Independence and stimulation

-How to teach your baby to float

-Turning to safety

-Songs and fun for the water

Swimming Pool

Indoor Therapy Pool 

Our experienced swim instructors and pool system provide an excellent place for your child to learn to swim and exercise.

SAS Cert Stamp.png

Swim Angelfish Certified Instructors

Our swim instructors are experienced in teaching and coaching.  They have experience in teaching children of all abilities and are Swim Angelfish Certified- global leaders in adaptive swim.

Infant & Toddler Parent Swim

Teach your baby to swim the right way. Our instructors will help you develop the skills to guide your infant or toddler at their pace. 
Your baby will learn to:
-Free-float to the steps
-Follow basic instructions
-Practice turning underwater vertically
-Adapt to back floating practice

Baby Swimming Class
Girls Swimming Underwater

Swim Time

Warm, clean and fun therapy pool. 
This environment provides an ideal setting for your child to learn to swim and to be safe in the water.

Our Pool

Our therapy pool is a state-of-the art above ground swim spa.  The pool provides ample space for swimming and play. 

The pool water can be calm and smooth, or currents can be added for fun and challenge.  These features are helpful for children who are afraid of swimming or water splashing in their face.

The system will allow your child the opportunity to learn to swim in a safe and quiet environment.  

Click on this video to get an idea of our pool.