Playing with Animals

PreK Early Childhood Classes

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” -Mr. Rogers


PreK Early Childhood Classes

Children learn through Exploration, Creativity and Discovery

Fall 2021 -PreK/Early Childhood Classes

​Led by our skilled and experienced early childhood educator, Joy Manning. 

Joy specializes in early childhood education with advanced training and experience in individualized education, learning and behavior.   

Joy specializes in early childhood education with advanced training and experience in individualized education, learning and behavior.   

This  group will also be enriched by our therapists who are experts in motor, social, play, and speech and language development. 


Aug 23rd- Dec. 17th



9am-11:45am and 12:15pm-3:00pm


  • Language and sensory motor rich instruction in a play-based and multi-sensory-based early childhood learning environment

  • Taught by highly qualified and experienced Early Childhood Special Educator in consult with occupational therapist, speech therapist and physical therapist

  • Small groups with targeted instruction

  • 3:1 ratio children to therapist/educator

  • Ages 2-5- Children of ALL abilities

  • Smaller groups arranged by age and developmental abilities 

  • Targeted sensory motor instruction carried out through the entire summer to maximize learning and to build and sustain skills

  • Fun, Effective, Multi-Sensory Activities 

    • Sensory motor activities

    • Fun sensory exploration, messy play, motor skill play

    • Language skills embedded in all activities

    • Music

    • Motor Play- Fine motor and gross motor play and motor planning

    • Art

    • Food exploration 

    • Social skills 

    • Imaginative play

    • Literacy and numeracy skills

    • New, well equipment therapy center designed for learning and sensory development

Costs and Registration:

  • $135.00/week (approx. $15.00/hour); Holiday weeks will be prorated

  • Tuition is paid on monthly basis

A great way to think about this group is to think of each session as


                                                                          Targeted Skill Boosters!

Before a child is ready for academic learning there are areas of development that need to be built and reinforced in order to create a strong foundation for learning.

These areas can be found within the Pyramid of Learning

Skills Include:   

  • Sensory System Development

  • Sensory Motor Skills 

  • Perceptual Motor Development

  • Play and Social Skills

  • Cognition and Intellect

  • Language Skills

  • Attention

  • Positive Behaviors

  • Turn Taking and Sharing

  • Flexible Thinking

                                                   This is MORE than a Preschool Class

Each session will focus on skills within the Pyramid of Learning along with social skills, communication, and behavior.

As part of this small, specialized group, an individualized education and skill plan for your child will be developed in collaboration with you.  

By focusing on these skills, we will build a strong foundation for your child’s learning.

While your child is engaged in play-based activities, they will be getting targeted, small group instruction to help them build important foundational skills. 

Skills they will build upon for the rest of their lives.

These small therapeutic groups will focus on the specific needs of your child while utilizing the benefits of peer interaction and learning. 

Each class will be based on fun and important learning themes and topics.

Taught in a new, well-equipped facility, your child will grow and shine!

  • Progress Through Stages of Play

  • Participate in Different Types of Play

  • Communicate with Adults and Peers

  • Take Personal Responsibility

  • Improve Motor Skills

  • Create New Ideas and Motor Plan 

  • Strengthen Memory, Attention & Focus

Groups are open to children of ALL abilities. 

The maximum ratio of children to adults will be 3:1. 

Families register for quarterly sessions, so reserve your spot now.

Session space is limited. 

Classes Will Give Your Child Opportunities To: 

Progress Through Stages and Types of Play 

Unoccupied play → Solitary play → Onlooker play →

Parallel play → Associative play → Cooperative play

  • Cause and Effect Play

  • Sensory Play

  • Pretend Play

Communicate with Adults and Peers

  • Open and close circles of communication

  • Express wants and needs through words/gestures/pictures

  • Ask for help

  • Share ideas

  • Have conversations

Take Personal Responsibility

  • Be responsible for other people's things

  • Clean up

  • Complete a task before moving on to the next thing

Motor Plan and Improve Motor Skills

  • Create a simple plan

  • Execute that plan

  • Fine motor Skills

  • Large motor Skills

Strengthen Executive Functioning

  • Working memory

  • Self-regulation

  • Attention

  • Flexibility

  • Focus