• Robyn Thompson

Potty Training- You've Got This!

Potty training is a BIG deal. Many of the kids and parents that we work with ask questions like, "when is the best time to potty train", "how do I potty train quickly" and "how do I get started"?

A great way to get started is through reading books about potty time with your child (see resources below). Make appropriate "potty talk" a part of your daily conversation, and exploring the potty process as part of your natural routine.

I also stress that potty training is a PROCESS.

Please don't let parenting books that claim that you can potty train your child in 3-7 days stress you out! For most kids this is not realistic. There may be some children out there who potty train super quick, but for most kids, it is a process. What may work one day, may not work on another day. Kids will go through stages of success and they will continue to have occasional accidents. Please be patient with your child and yourself.

Along with the books listed below...I encourage you to also check out the following websites related to potty training.

Good luck out there!

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