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Benefits of Early Childhood Education- Check out Developmental Dynamos!

The Benefits of Early Childhood Education:

Did you know that a great start in early childhood education is one of the most important things that you can do for your child?

It is! And…Roots Pediatric Therapy Center offers unique, effective and fun early childhood classes for children of ALL abilities.

Is your child: -between the ages of 2-5?

Would your child benefit from:

-Individualized attention in a small group setting? -Time and space to socialize with peers in a positive, supported way? -Extra attention and practice with preschool skills- *motor development, speech and language, social skills, cognition and learning, play skills? -Reinforcement of positive behaviors? -Skill boosters before entering kindergarten? -Opportunities to improve flexible thinking, turn-taking and attention?

These small early childhood groups will focus on the specific needs of your child, while utilizing the benefits of peer interaction and learning.

Groups are open to children of ALL abilities.

The maximum ratio of children to adults will be 3:1.

*Space is limited- please contact us soon!

For a complete description- See our website:

*Register Now for our Spring Kick-off Session! This session will be shorter than a regular session, and will kick-off our Developmental Dynamos program at Roots.

Families who register by March 31st will receive a 10% discount on monthly tuition. Session is 6 weeks- April 21-May 28. Registration in our Spring Kick-off Session will also give priority registration for our summer session.

Please complete the “Contact Us” form at:

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