Gymnastics, Sports & Motor Skill Development Class

Moving, Balance, Jumping, Throwing, Coordination

Motor Skill Development Fun!

  • This class is designed for kids to develop and improve motor coordination, to build confidence, and to have fun!

  • Classes are taught through a gymnastics and motor skill development format. 

  • Kids will work on important foundational skills for balance, strength, coordinating both sides of the body, core strength and stability, throwing, jumping, catching, and kicking. 

Girls Doing Push-Ups

Gym Time and Motor Skill Fun

  • Using the fun and challenging equipment in our therapy gyms, kids will develop important skills while developing confidence in a supportive environment.

  • This class is taught by Natalie Thompson.  Natalie is a fun and experienced coach who provides an important balance of structure, skill development and play.

  • Natalie is an occupational therapy assistant student, an accomplished athlete, and is experienced as a gymnastics, swim and ski coach. 

  • Classes are small and personalized. 

      Maximum child to adult ratio is 4:1. 

  • Classes are organized by age groups and abilities.

Contact us to reserve your child's spot in this fun and important skills class.


Monthly Sessions-

$80.00/month- 4 weekly sessions-50 minutes/session

Kid with Basketball