We believe in building strong foundations for learning and overall development. 

When children have a strong foundation, they are able to reach their fullest potential. Our educational programming addresses the whole child and utilizes the expertise of educators and our therapists. 

Check out our programming below for academic learning, language, social and emotional learning, motor skill, and play skill development. 

Kids in Art Class

Imagine. Create. Participate...A Foundation for the Future

Roots therapy center offers learning opportunities for our clients. 

Led by experienced educators and therapists, kids will build essential skills in academics, reading and math skills, language, social and emotional learning, motor skills, and play skill development.

Families can choose small group instruction or 1:1 learning. 

Educational Programs Include:

Fall Time- Early Childhood PreK Classes:

-Ages 2-5- Children of ALL abilities

-Small groups-ratio 3 children: 1 adult

-Speech, Sensory Motor, and Social Skills in an fun, supportive environment 

-Effective, Multi-Sensory Activities

-Individualized Goals and Instruction

-Social skills, language, motor skills, art, play and communication skills, music, social skills, climbing, swinging, scooting, jumping, food exploration & more

-Taught by our special educators, SLP, OTs and OTAs!  

1:1 Instructional Sessions:


-Learning skills and strategies


-Attention and organization

-Social skills

-Problem solving

-Relationship and friend skills


-Regulating emotions

Therapeutic Groups

Swim Lessons for All Abilities