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Come join Joy Manning

in Developmental Dynamos!

Individualized, fun, effective
preschool/early childhood group learning and play!





Early Childhood Group Classes

Specialized Skill Building Early Childhood Classes

Provide your youngster with the chance to build solid skills needed for success in school, home and the community.

Small Group Instruction for Kids Ages 2-5

You do not want to miss this amazing early childhood class!

*Register Now for our Spring Kick-off Session!

This session will be shorter than a regular session, and will kick-off our Developmental Dynamos program at Roots.

Session is 6 weeks- April 21-May 28.

*Registration in our Spring Kick-off Session will also give priority registration for our summer session.

*Please complete the “Contact Us” form and we will send you registration information. 

​Led by our skilled and experienced early childhood educator, Joy Manning. 

Joy specializes in early childhood education with advance training and experience in individualized education, learning and behavior.   

This  group will also be enriched by our therapists who are experts in motor, social, play, and speech and language development. 

Development Dynamos focuses on the skills needed to help your child successfully participate in school, friend groups, social and community activities,

and group instruction. 

A great way to think about this group is to think of each session as


                                                                          Targeted Skill Boosters!

Before a child is ready for academic learning there are areas of development that need to be built and reinforced in order to create a strong foundation for learning.

These areas can be found within the Pyramid of Learning

Skills Include:   

  • Sensory System Development

  • Sensory Motor Skills 

  • Perceptual Motor Development

  • Play and Social Skills

  • Cognition and Intellect

  • Language Skills

  • Attention

  • Positive Behaviors

  • Turn Taking and Sharing

  • Flexible Thinking

                                                   This is MORE than a Preschool Class

Each session will focus on skills within the Pyramid of Learning along with social skills, communication, and behavior.

As part of this small, specialized group, an individualized education and skill plan for your child will be developed in collaboration with you.  

By focusing on these skills, we will build a strong foundation for your child’s learning.

While your child is engaged in play-based activities, they will be getting targeted, small group instruction to help them build important foundational skills. 

Skills they will build upon for the rest of their lives.

These small therapeutic groups will focus on the specific needs of your child while utilizing the benefits of peer interaction and learning. 

Each class will be based on fun and important learning themes and topics.

Taught in a new, well-equipped facility, your child will grow and shine!

Groups are open to children of ALL abilities. 

The maximum ratio of children to adults will be 3:1. 

Families register for quarterly sessions, so reserve your spot now.

Session space is limited. 

This class is a one hour session, but it is encouraged to pair this class with the Supported Play Time, which occurs either directly before or after each Developmental Dynamos session. 

This gives your child 2 hours of fun and effective therapeutic time (see below). 

Details and Rates: 

Spring Kick-Off Session: April 21-May 28 (6 weeks) 

Summer Session: June 2- Aug. 20 (12 weeks)

Developmental Dynamos: 

  • 1 hour Therapeutic Learning Group

  • Offered Wednesday and Friday

  • 9am, 11am, 1pm

  • $140.00/month- one session per week; Wednesday or Friday

  • $280.00/month- two sessions per week; Wednesday and Friday

Developmental Dynamos + Supported Play Time:

  • 1 hour Therapeutic Learning Group plus 1 hour Supported Play Time

  • Offered immediately before or after Developmental Dynamos

  • Offered Wednesday and Friday

  • 9-11am, 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm

  • $200.00/month- one 2 hour session per week

  • $400.00/month- two 2 hour sessions per week

Supported Play Time

Children learn through exploration, creativity, and discovery. It is important to allow kids the time and opportunity to play in a child-directed environment. 

Click Here to Learn More.

Through our Supported Play Time sessions, your child will be given opportunities to:

  • Improve Social Skills 

  • Progress Through Stages of Play

  • Participate in Different Types of Play

  • Communicate with Adults and Peers

  • Take Personal Responsibility

  • Improve Motor Skills

  • Create New Ideas and Motor Plan 

  • Strengthen Memory, Attention & Focus

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