Addressing COVID-19

Keeping our Children, Caregivers and Staff Healthy

Safe and Healthy

Getting health care and therapies during the COVID-19 pandemic can be concerning.

Our therapists, educators and staff are committed to providing a safe, clean and healthy environment.

Preschool Learning Pod

Keeping it Clean and Safe

How we are playing it safe: 

  • Policies are subject to change and adapt according to Summit County Health Department  and CDC Recommendations. ​

  • All therapists and educators wear masks, face shields or eye protection. ​

  • All adults will be asked to wear a mask.

  • Frequent hand sanitation is encouraged. 

  • Staggered scheduling will keep waiting or gathering in common areas at a minimum.

  • Two visitors will be allowed per child during therapy sessions.  This could be two parents/adults or a parent and a sibling. 

  • Group therapy sessions are small and children are spaced out.

  • Rooms and toys are cleaned and disinfected after each session.

  • Common areas and bathrooms are cleaned frequently. 

  • Our HVAC system is new and equipped with high quality air filtration systems.

  • Please contact our office staff with questions or concerns. 

Student with Mask